Phil Ivey to Join Virtue Poker

Despite his relative absence from the virtual and live tournament poker scene over the past couple of years, anything poker-related involving 10 time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Ivey is always big news, so there will no doubt be plenty of interest in the announcement that Ivey has become the latest big name pro to partner-up with Cryptocurrency based online poker start-up, Virtue Poker.

Although Virtue Poker isn't due to open its virtual doors until next fall, the site has already been two years in the making, and the ICO (initial coin offering) is planned for next month.

The fledgling site have already enlisted high stakes pros Brian Rast and Dan Colman as ambassadors and advisors, and apparently it was a conversation between Colman and Virtue co-founder Ryan Gittleson in which Colman explained to Gittleson that Ivey was also interested in the Crytpto space which lead to Ivey's introduction to the team.

Above: When Dan Colman told VP's co-founder Ryan Gittleson that Phil Ivey might be interested in a Crypto-site proposition, the new site quickly reached out to the 10 time WSOP Champ.

Ivey will join the team as a Strategic Advisor. According to Gittleson;

“Ivey will work with our team and provide feedback on our software and user experience. He [Ivey} has built a vast network of partners in the gaming industry due to his experience playing for the past 20 years which Virtue Poker can leverage in helping us bring our product to market.”

Whether or not we'll get to see much of Phil Ivey at the tables is a little less clear, but clearly Gittleson understands that the mere mention of an association with Ivey is worth its weight in gold to any poker marketing campaign as he continued:

“From a brand perspective, Phil is an absolute legend in the space. Having him be apart of our team will allow us to gain greater exposure to the global poker community, whether it be from Phil playing online in Virtue Poker events, or wearing a Virtue Poker patch on televised live events.”

Of his new position Ivey relayed in a press release,

“I'm looking forward to serving as a strategic adviser to the Virtue Poker team. I believe their new peer-to-peer solution built using blockchain technology can add significant value to the online poker experience."

As with other blockhain based sites, Virtue Poker aim to solve problems inherent in traditional online poker rooms, namely the issues of trust in the software dealing the cards, and trust in the management of player funds.

As the site never has access to player funds, with transactions taking place immediately and anonymously through the use of digital wallets and smart contracts, there are no lengthy delays or opportunities for the operator to withold player funds. As to the dealing of cardsVirtue poker uses a peer-to-peer card shuffling protocol called 'Mental Poker' whereby all players seated at the table contribute to the card shuffling, so company employees have no capability to see players' cards. As Gittleson says:

"Instead of trusting a random number generator from an operator stored in some offshore server, every single player has an RNG built into the machine that they utilize and they shuffle the deck for each hand played on the platform."

Virtue Poker is one of a wave of start-up blockchain based online poker solutions to have hit the headlines of late. Just yesterday the pre-ICO sale for started, offering early investors a 30% bonus on purchase of their Ethereum based Cryptopcurrency CHP, and crowdfunding for Russian blockchain based poker room ends tomorrow.



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